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How Much Does It Cost To Move In Dubai?

When you are planning to move your house in Dubai then you must be wondering how much it really costs to move a flat in Dubai. We get lots of queries from our customers about how much it will cost them to hire Movers in Dubai and it’s good to know that too. 

Most people who are moving their house within Dubai they like to stay close to their work place or when it’s a family they like to be close to their kids schools. When hiring movers and packers you must have questions in your mind regarding many things. 


How Much Does it cost to Hire a Professional Movers in Dubai?

This question is well asked many times and the answer is simple it depends on many factors. For instance if you are moving a studio flat in Dubai then it will cost you much less than moving villa in Dubai. Likewise if you are moving within a community then it will cost you less and if you need movers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi it will cost you more. 

How Estimating Move Cost Based on Home Size?

If you are moving within the Dubai then the cost of moving are as fellows 

One Bedroom Apartment Moving Cost. if you are planning to move a one bedroom apartment in Dubai then it will cost you between 1000 – 1200 Dirhams,

Cost of Two Bedroom Apartment Moving: Moving a two bedroom apartment in Dubai will cost between 1500 – 2000 Dirhams.

Three Bedroom Apartment Moving Cost: Cost of three bedroom apartment will be between 2500 – 3000 Dirhams

Villa Moving Cost in Dubai: Cost of villa moving may vary from size to size. 

Which Moving Services do you Need in Dubai?

The Cost of moving depends which type of moving company you need to hire and it also depends on the services you will be needing. If you are simply hiring a truck with driver it will save you the labor fees but if you go with truck then it is going to be very hard as it will make your back pain and headache is the other factor. 

If you are hiring a professional house movers in Dubai then the same job will become very easy and of course hassle free. If you need dismantling then it will also cost you a bit high. 

Hiring a professional movers in Dubai will save you a lot of money and your house move will be very easy and stress free.